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Dairy Industry MIQ Bed petition, seeks 50 beds for dairy farms 50km from the major centres, prior to calving 2021. This petition is now closed - see the petition here....
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Retaining your Staff

July 31, 2020
In such a time of uncertainty The Regions immigration and law discuss the great value of retaining staff.At The Regions, we work with farms, farm workers and their families for better employment opportunities. Traditionally, we have looked overseas to fill these opportunitie...
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While the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic continues and change is apparent, one constant that remains virtually the same is our farming sector. Commentators continue to speculate on the potential losses for New Zealand – farming, the agriculture sector and its communiti...
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The Regions presents our submission in support of the proposed Immigration (covid-19 response) amendments. Immigration (covid-19 response) Amendment Bill 6th May 2020By email: To whom it may concern, We are an Immigration & Recruitment ...
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As the Covid-19 crisis continues to unfold, The Regions founders, Ben and Patricia De’Ath, reflect on the things they have learned from New Zealand’s dairy sector, and how, in months to come, we can prepare for the long trek back to normal. "My wife and I are in our mid ...
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Coronavirus – it’s the topic every news outlet, social media channel and radio station is discussing at the moment. And, with the announcement of cases now here in New Zealand, discussion has turned to the potential far-reaching implications the virus, officially dubbed ...
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