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For the Betterment of New Zealand

Our mission is to enable New Zealand’s rural communities, dairy farm owners and managers to attract and retain top talent. We embrace opportunities for growth, by providing a holistic service of settlement and life advancement for farm workers migrating to New Zealand.

Supporting New Zealand’s dairy industry

 The Regions provides expert immigration representation to the New Zealand dairy sector, seeking to solve human capacity challenges, by lobbying Government and driving policy that our industry needs.

The Regions was founded by husband and wife team, Benjamin and Patricia De’Ath, and has grown to a team of over 35 staff across New Zealand. We provide solutions to the dairy farm industry by creating better futures for employers, their staff, and their families in rural New Zealand. 

What we do best

We help solve complex labour shortages for New Zealand dairy farm owners, and create pathways for people looking to move to or stay in New Zealand. We align employees with employers who share their values and can provide job stability as they look to establish a new life in rural NZ. We know that the cultural mix and adaptation required by both the employer and employee to make their relationship work, is incredibly detailed and specific. This is why we provide a holistic approach using our recruitment and pastoral care services.

Helping solve labour shortages for New Zealand’s dairy industry

As immigration and recruitment specialists, we are proud to be a trusted partner and advisor to New Zealand’s dairy industry. We have evolved to become a voice of advocacy and influence, helping to shape immigration policy and resourcing in New Zealand. In the wake of COVID19, with our expertise and insight we are helping solve labour shortages and supporting New Zealand’s dairy industry to adapt and grow. We finally have residency policy in place for the agriculture sector and access to international talent, to fill the gaps we can't fill locally.

How we can help


New Zealand dairy farmers have faced major recruitment challenges over the years as the world has demanded more of our agricultural products. With offshore recruitment flowing again, we’re supporting dairy farmers to overcome these challenges and find the right people for their farm. We start with a comprehensive assessment of each dairy farmer’s employment needs to find the right candidate for the role. We then shortlist potential candidates and help with the selection process.


Immigration policy is constantly changing and can be confusing. Our team takes pride in explaining this in simple terms and getting the job done, so our clients can focus on farming. Many of our team have experienced the immigration and re-settling process first-hand, whether by employing migrants on our own farms, or immigrating to New Zealand ourselves. Our insight and experience enable us to understand clients' needs, support great relationships between employers and employees, and deliver the best service to the dairy industry. 

Settling In

One of our points of difference is our focus on the settling-in stage of the recruitment process. We provide ongoing support and pastoral care to help farm-workers, their families and their employers to acclimatise to their new situation, overcome cultural differences, and achieve the best outcomes for work and life in New Zealand.



We work with the majority of NZ’s leading dairy farms, with over 700 dairy farmer owners/farm manager across New Zealand as our clients. We provide them with employment solutions, creating stability for their business and growing their local economies.



We have placed more than 1,700 work visa holders in secure employment on New Zealand dairy farms, creating a better life and job security for them and their families.



Our team of more than 35 highly experienced licensed immigration advisers, key account managers and Pastoral Care staff are here to help guide you through the complexities of moving to NZ or hiring farm workers.


Press release: Dairy industry immigration experts applaud review of migrant work visa policy

Immigration Minister’s announcement on changes to migrant work visa policy welcomed by leading dairy industry immigration lawyer, Ben De’Ath • 7,500 signature petition presented by De’Ath to Parliament earlier this month key to Immigration Minister’s announcement • De’Ath, managing director of immigration & recruitment firm The Regions, says changes to policy essential for growth of New Zealand’s dairy farming industry


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