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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) have recently made some sudden policy changes affecting all new AEWV applications, effective immediately. (7th April 2024)

Check out this important update from our director, Ben!
As he breaks down the latest policy changes, and how they may impact you.

Summary on Changes:

•English language requirements now mandatory for all new Junior applicants.

•Relevant experience will be a key factor for new junior staff.

•Experience verification will now be mandatory in the recruitment process, and we're here to assist all our clients with this.

•Junior Visas will be for 2 years, followed by 1 year before transitioning to skilled Herd Manager visas with pathways to Residency.

We hope that this will help clear up any issues and questions that you might have, but if you still need more clarification, please feel free to reach out to the Key Account Manager in your area.


The Regions, founded by Benjamin and Patricia De’Ath, have a dedicated team working to support various industry sectors in New Zealand that are facing labour shortages.

Through expert immigration representation, we lobby the government and drive immigration policies essential to the industries we represent.

Our mission is to create brighter futures for employers, staff, and their families by offering employment, along with full lifestyle settlement solutions.

We specialise in addressing complex labour shortages and establishing pathways for individuals wanting to relocate to or remain in New Zealand. Our holistic approach integrates recruitment and pastoral care services, ensuring a seamless fit between employees and employers.

As immigration and recruitment specialists, we take pride in being trusted partners and advisors, shaping immigration policies and facilitating access to international talent to meet local needs.



New Zealand has faced significant recruitment challenges over the past few years resulting in increased demands on labour in multiple industry sectors. We support companies to overcome these challenges and find the right people to fill the workforce gaps. We start with a comprehensive assessment of each employer's needs to find the right candidate for the role. We then shortlist potential candidates and help with the selection process.


Immigration policy is constantly changing and can be confusing. Our team takes pride in explaining this in simple terms and getting the job done, so our clients can focus on their business. Many of our team have experienced the immigration and re-settling process first-hand, whether by employing overseas workers within their business' or immigrating to New Zealand themselves. Our insight and experience enable us to understand our client's needs, support great relationships between employers and employees, and deliver the best service to both our clients.

Settling In

One of our points of difference is our focus on the settling-in stage of the recruitment process. We provide ongoing support and pastoral care to help our skilled workers, their families and their employers to acclimatise to their new situation, overcome cultural differences, and achieve the best outcomes for work and life in New Zealand.




We provide them with employment solutions, creating stability for their business and growing their local economies.




We have placed more than 3,000 work visa holders in secure employment in New Zealand.




We have a team of more than 40+ highly experienced licensed immigration advisers, key account managers and Pastoral Care staff


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