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Celebrating 5 years… and we’re just getting started

Support, Adapt, Grow – and grow we have. September marks five years since The Regions Immigration Law and Recruitment was founded for the betterment of New Zealand. And 10 years since The Regions’ Founder and Managing Director, Ben De’Ath began serving NZ’s dairy sector.

It’s been a decade of advocacy, representation and advancement, and five years delivering on our

“To enable New Zealand’s rural communities, dairy farm owners, and managers to attract and retain top talent.”

So what have been the highlights over the past five years?

1. Life advancement

One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is the life advancement experienced by our farm workers migrating to New Zealand. Loyal, hardworking, and dedicated to the wellbeing of their families, every farm worker who has landed on New Zealand soil has experienced life advancement – for themselves and their families. It’s been, and continues to be, a privilege to play a part in this.

2. Political Advocacy

In our line of work, we have a duty of care – for our farm workers and our farmers to influence policy, rather than just accept whatever crumbs the government of the day hands out, when other points of the market are happy to stand and watch, or copy, we believe in making a difference. Our clients have been doing it tough, and we’ve worked hard to ensure their voices are heard. From standing on the steps of the Beehive to accumulating signatures on petitions, we’ve spoken out, stepped up, and shown we’ll stop at nothing to achieve betterment for New Zealand’s agricultural sector.

3. Sector initiatives

From our Community 500 Initiative in Southland to our presence at the Fieldays®, our support of the Dairy Women’s Network and our relationship with Federated Farmers, we knew early on that power and presence is in numbers. Our holistic approach to serving New Zealand’s rural communities has been strengthened through our partnerships, support, and extended network of those operating in
the sector. It’s been both professionally and personally rewarding for our team to work with other organisations and individuals who share our vision for creating better futures for New Zealand farmers.

4. Recognition

The agricultural sector is the backbone of our county and we’re determined to ensure that decision makers truly understand the impact of their policies – both past and present. From lobbying for greater recognition of the skills migrant workers bring to more recent petitioning of MIQ beds during the midst of COVID-19, our team’s understanding of the value our recruitment, immigration, and
pastoral care services provide enables us to discuss, debate, and influence change for good. And we’re only just getting started, having seen over 300 new arrivals land in NZ to milk cows on our clients farm this season already!

5. Greater wellbeing

We provide better employment solutions for migrant workers and New Zealand’s agricultural industry, but our focus isn’t limited to that. We’ve seen first hand the toll New Zealand’s woefully under-resourced agriculture has had on our farmers, which is why our solutions also focus on the greater health and wellbeing of those in our industry. Our holistic employment approach, combined with our ongoing support, dedicated pastoral care, and commitment to the transformation of
immigration policies, is to create a recruitment industry for the better. It’s a work in progress but we’ve taken the first of many important steps.

More exciting things to come

Our five years has been one of growth, despite the interruption of COVID-19. It’s challenged us, inspired us, and reinforced to us that the services we offer are needed.

Thank you to all our clients who have been a part of our journey. We truly feel that together we can achieve betterment for New Zealand’s agricultural industry and we look forward to the years ahead!


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