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Mixing and mingling at Mystery Creek for Fieldays®

A selfie with the PM, insight into non-dairy industries, a chance to mix and mingle with clients – The Regions team enjoyed yet another successful Fieldays®.

The Fieldays® is a big event on our calendar here at The Regions, and one we all look forward to for different reasons. As New Zealand’s largest agricultural event, it’s an important place for us to be as a business, but it also provides an opportunity for our team to interact with many of our valued clients.

Julie Pratt, Key Account Manager for Central and Western Waikato, said the Fieldays® enabled her to put faces to names. “In my role, a lot of my contact with clients is over the phone or email so it was a pleasure to be able to meet them face to face.”

Our stand also proved to be a wonderful meeting and networking point, not just for people within the dairy sector but others working in non-dairy industries. “We had a lot of interest from all sorts of industries wanting to know more about migrant farm staff,” she said.

Jess Casasola, Pastoral Care for Northland, Canterbury and North Otago, said the team enjoyed catching up with farmworkers who had arrived in New Zealand. “It was awesome to be able to hear their stories on how well they had adjusted to life here in New Zealand. They were all really enjoying their time on our dairy farms, with good employers, and that was really great feedback to get,” he said.

For Gina Lopena, Pastoral Care for Waikato, the Fieldays® brought an extra bonus. “We had great weather, and heaps of candidates and clients dropping by our stand, even on Saturday afternoon.  We also got the bonus of having the chance to take a selfie with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. It was a fantastic experience,” she said.

At The Regions, community is at the heart of what we do, and it was wonderful to see so many of The Regions family at Fieldays®. It was, and will continue to be, an important event for us to attend as we work with our clients around New Zealand to provide a better solution to our country’s skilled labour shortage within the agricultural industry.

We also believe it is an incredibly important event for our farmworkers to attend as part of their professional development to work and life on a New Zealand dairy farm. 

On behalf of The Regions, thank you to all our clients who stopped by to speak with us. It was lovely to see you all. We look forward to working with you over the coming 12 months as we strive towards our goal of betterment.


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