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Calving phenomenon an experience of a lifetime for Jetlou Cezar

As most farms around New Zealand wind down after calving and AB we want to share this awesome story that took place this year.  

When Jetlou Cezar came out from The Philippines to establish a career in New Zealand’s agriculture industry, he didn’t expect to witness a calving phenomenon that is rarer than winning Lotto. 

During 2020’s calving season, the assistant farm manager of Kaikahu Farm in the Hauraki Plains, helped farm manager, Matty Fisher deliver not one, not two, not three, but four healthy heifers.
“It was unbelievable,” recalls Jet of the August delivery. A sentiment Fisher shares. “There’s a better chance of winning the lottery than there is to have four calves,” the farm manager told Stuff. “Lotto would be nice, but to have four calves is pretty awesome.”

Adapting to rural New Zealand life

Jet arrived in New Zealand in, with support of The Regions, settled into rural New Zealand, working on Murray and Eileen Fisher’s Kaikahu Farm in Kerepehi. The farm is home to a strong herd of Friesians which has given Jet unique insight into New Zealand’s dairy farming industry.

Murray Fisher, a long-term client of The Regions, says Jet’s commitment to his role as assistant farm manager has provided him with a range of opportunities to experience all aspects of farming life.

Shannon Burke, The Regions’ Key Account Manager for Hauraki Plains and North Waikato says Jet has adapted well to life on Kaikahu Farm and is representative of many farm workers The Regions has supported to secure work visas. 

“Jet has brought with him a real willingness to contribute to New Zealand’s agriculture sector and the local farming community of Kerepehi,” says Shannon. “He epitomises the commitment so many work visa holders have to making a real success. With New Zealand’s borders currently closed for immigration because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring visa holders like Jet can continue to contribute to the growth of our primary industries is vital.”

Ben De’Ath, founder and manager director of The Regions, says New Zealand must look at the valuable contribution work visa holders currently in the country can make to the dairy industry and other sectors, such as viticulture and horticulture. 

“Many work visa holders and farmers are asking what the future looks like, given the reliance the agriculture industry has on the migrant worker population. Like many other sectors, agriculture needs to review how it’s going to provide onshore solutions and ensure sustainability of a skilled workforce long-term,” says De’Ath.

“Jet is just one of many work visa holders currently here in New Zealand, who have a strong work ethic, are passionate to learn, and want to contribute to society. Enabling visa holders like Jet to stay and work in New Zealand where labour shortage is having a direct impact on productivity, needs to be a serious consideration by the Government.”

A huge thanks to Shannon Burke, our Key Account Manager for this farm and the Hauraki Plains, and to Murrary, Matt and Eilieen Fisher for sharing their farm and of course to Jetlou who continues to go from strength to strength in his career. 


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