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As the borders have reopened, there has been an influx of visitors arriving in New Zealand on visitor visas

While it is wonderful to see so many people exploring the beauty of New Zealand, there is a critical need to understand the significance of adhering to the terms of visitor visas.

The Importance of Honesty in Visa Applications

Visitors entering New Zealand on a visitor visa are required to adhere strictly to the purpose stated in their visa applications. If the purpose of the visit is declared as leisure or visiting family, then seeking employment during the stay is not permissible. Immigration New Zealand has become increasingly vigilant about ensuring that visitors are not misrepresenting their intentions.

Seeking Employment the Correct Way

For those interested in working in New Zealand, it is essential to secure a job offer before arriving. This approach aligns with immigration policies and reduces the risk of visa application denial. Arriving without a job offer and hoping to find one can lead to frustration and disappointment.

There are instances where genuine visitors may receive unexpected job offers. In such cases, it is important to communicate this change in circumstances transparently to Immigration New Zealand. Assistance can be provided to explain that the job opportunity arose after arrival and guide through the proper channels to update visa status.

Recommendations for Prospective Job Seekers

To avoid unnecessary complications, it is advisable not to encourage friends and family to come to New Zealand on a visitor visa if their primary intention is to find work. Instead, it is better for them to apply for jobs from their home country and secure a work visa before making the move. This ensures compliance with immigration regulations and makes the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Support Through the Process

The Regions Immigration Law & Recruitment is committed to helping navigate the complexities of New Zealand's immigration system. Whether assistance is needed in securing a job offer, understanding visa requirements, or managing a change in circumstances, the team is available to provide support every step of the way.

Let’s work together to ensure a smooth and successful experience for all visitors and job seekers in New Zealand.

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