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Navigating the New Immigration Landscape:
Insights for the Dairy Sector

In the dynamic realm of immigration policies, recent changes announced by INZ (Immigration New Zealand) have left many in the dairy sector seeking clarity. As calls flood in, requesting insights into the implications of these adjustments, we here at The Region's Immigration Law, would like to provide an overview of the changes and how they might affect those of you in the dairy sector.

English Proficiency: A Fundamental Requirement

One significant change revolves around the introduction of mandatory English testing for individuals entering junior roles within the dairy sector. This requirement highlights the importance of the English language in both professional and personal aspects within New Zealand. English proficiency isn't merely about language; it's about ensuring individuals can effectively communicate and navigate daily life in a diverse workplace.

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Relevant Experience or Qualification: A Key Determinant of Success

Another crucial aspect of the new policy is the mandated three years of relevant experience or relevant qualification at level 4 or above for prospective applicants. This requirement emphasises the importance of experience within the same field or industry. It ensures that individuals possess the necessary skills and background to excel in their roles. While concerns have been raised about potential limitations on employing family members within the farming community, the focus remains on ensuring fair opportunities for all candidates based on their relevant experience.

Combatting Exploitation Through Accountability

Beyond individual qualifications, there's an increased emphasis on employer accountability in verifying staff backgrounds and skill sets. This move serves as a safeguard against exploitation—a pressing concern across various sectors. While the farming community prides itself on fair treatment, aligning with these policies reflects a commitment to upholding ethical employment practices.


We do hope this overview is helpful, but if you need some more clarification, please feel free to reach out to the Key Account Manager in your area.

Or, see below video from Ben De' Ath (Managing Director - The Regions)

For more information about these changes please navigate to the INZ site:


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