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A land of opportunities

New Zealand – it’s a land of opportunity, employment and a place where migrants can make a better life – for themselves and for their families. At The Regions, we believe in betterment and seeing committed, hardworking rural professionals enjoy the many benefits working in New Zealand’s agriculture industry can bring.

We also know the immigration process can be a challenging journey to go through on your own, which is why, at The Regions, our team of immigration and recruitment experts, will help guide you and your family to start a better life in New Zealand.

Securing employment in New Zealand

New Zealand’s agricultural industry needs hardworking, skilled farmworkers. At The Regions, we work with Filipino migrants who have experience working in the industry and would like to immigrate to New Zealand. Our team will shortlist Filipino farmworkers who are hardworking and reliable and arrange interviews with farmers in New Zealand to secure employment.

We work with farmers in both the North and South Island and on a variety of different sized-farms. But the key to successful recruitment is finding the right match between job seeker and employer. At The Regions, we have a team of key account managers who work with New Zealand farmers to understand their employment needs. Our team then look for experienced farmworkers to find the right fit.


Once our key account managers have secured you employment in New Zealand, our team of immigration lawyers will help you through the immigration process. As a skilled worker coming into New Zealand you will be required to have a work visa. Our team can help you with the paperwork you need to apply for this visa and ensure you have everything you need to start a better life in New Zealand.

We will also help to arrange your flights to New Zealand. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by one of our friendly support team and inducted into the New Zealand way of life, with bank accounts, mobile phones and a guide to living in New Zealand.

Pastoral Care

After your induction with our friendly team, you will be taken to your new place of employment. Our key account managers work closely with farmers who will have provided accommodation and some basic necessities to make your new home as welcoming as possible.
Throughout your time in employment, The Regions team is always on hand to help and support you and your family. You can see how our process works in this video:


Get to know the New Zealand culture and lifestyle!


Collect unforgettable experiences that will accompany you for many more years!


Experience exciting adventures far away from home!

Frequently asked questions

How to apply?

If you are overseas and have dairy experience please contact Carlo ( with your CV. After the candidate’s work experience and references are screened you will be invited to book an interview with one of our The Regions’ Licensed Immigration Adviser.

Do you only accept candidates with background in dairy?

If you have any agricultural background you should send your CV to Carlo, however we specialise in the dairy sector so candidates with background in dairy farming will get more chances of getting hired immediately.

Do you also accept female applicants?


Do you offer training for applicants with no dairy background?

We do not provide training.

Where is your office located?

Our office address is at Level 2, 62 Church Road, Pukete, Hamilton 3200, New Zealand.

How long does it take to process an application?

Due to New Zealand Immigration processing time. Applications are taking anytime from 4-9 weeks.

Do you want to move to New Zealand?

If you would like to immigrate to New Zealand and work in the new Zealand farming industry, get in touch with our friendly team at The Regions today.


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